Disposable food containers


Disposable food containers, or plastic tray for food / disposable food trays are economical, portable and pretty containers to serve food and drinks at the restaurants, coffee shops, food shop online… Queen Pack Co., ltd is disposable food packaging supplier with high quality. Our food containers can meet all the requirements of any businesses in food and beverage industry.


Color:  black, red, clear
Printing: 1-2 colors
Size/Volume:  customized size: 600, 750, 1000ml
Weight  customized
Usage: Disposable food containers, or plastic tray for food is used to contain salad, sushi, a wide variety of cakes, vegetables,…


Kinds of shipping

We can deliver our Disposable food containers via Amazon delivery services or by sea freight.

Place of Origin:

Queen Pack is in Hanoi, Vietnam. We send our products from Hai Phong port. Thanks to EVFTA, AAFTA, there will be free tariffs on these products to many countries.


as customized

Quantity: MOQ: 5000 or 10,000pcs is acceptable. But we prefer orders from 1 container 20GP
Lead time: <10.000pcs: ready in stock

50.000pcs: 5 days

Container 20GP: 10 days

Container 40GP: 15-20 days

Print: 1-4 colors

 Free, but courier cost needs to be paid by customers


Our disposable food packaging are produced from PP/ PS raw materials with the black trays and transparent lids in PET, which helps the customers see the inside food and helps food look luxurious and elegant

Why you should choose Queen Pack’s plastic trays:

+Our disposable food containers wholesale for food meet ISO standards and have food safety and hygiene certificate

+The elegant, luxurious design helps our products contain different kinds of foods: rice, fruits, salad, sushi, cakes,…

+The disposable food containers near me can carry both hot and cool food, thus, they have lids, which helps us preserve our food better.

Our products can withstand high and low temperatures, so they can be put in both the refrigerator and microwave.

Besides providing competitive price to the consumers, we also provide fast/ immediate delivery to your location (disposable food containers Australia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Brazil, India, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States). Our disposable food containers wholesale are always available, so we can ship immediately to you if you want. We also try our best to satisfy the customers’ needs to become long-term suppliers.

Quality: Our disposable food trays use high quality materials, so they are extremely good for consumer’s health and the quality is controlled carefully.

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