Paper cups

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Paper cups, or often called disposable paper cups, paper cups of coffee are economically eco-friendly drink and food takeaway containers. If you are thinking of buying paper cups for your cafes, restaurants,…, our products are among the best choices. Our products are safe, attractive and suitable for all the businesses in food and beverage industry.

Color: white 1 single PE, white double PE

Size/Volume: 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 20oz (240, 270, 300, 350, 480, 600ml)

Thickness: 250-300gsm

Shape: round

We offer both hot paper cups and cool paper cups to meet all the customer’s needs.

+Hot paper cups are suitable for containing hot coffee, cacao, drink samples, takeaway drinks

+Cool paper cups are suitable for containing icy drinks such as icy coffee, bubble tea, juice,…

Shipping: We can deliver our paper cups via Amazon or by sea freight

Place of origin: Queenpack is in Hanoi, Vietnam. We have EVFTA, AAFTA, so there is free import tax to many countries.

Packaging: As customized

Queenpack can produce and print our paper cups as the requirements of customers:

  •  Print 1 color: at least 1000 cups
  •  Print more than 2 colors: at least 5000 cups

Quantity: MOQ: 5000 or 10,000pcs is acceptable. We prefer orders from 1 container 20GP

Sample: We can provide free samples, but courier cost needs to be paid by the customers

Why you should choose Queen Pack paper cups:

The quality of our paper cups meet the safety and hygiene standards (guaranteed raw materials, printed in food inks,…).

Besides, we offer highly competitive prices, especially, we give our loyal customers a really special deal.

Moreover, our delivery and payment policies are fast and flexible.  We also accept small quantity orders and provide our beloved customers with high quality paper cups. Our products are nice – looking and help reduce plastic waste discharged.

Our paper cups are 100% environmentally friendly and are suitable for all restaurants, coffee shops, especially for those which provide the customers with hot cups to go.

Our nice paper cups are disposable insulated cups with lids or without lids. Our products are extremely appropriate for FnB businesses in the age of environmentally conscious consumers.

Our paper cups are perfect alternatives to plastic cups/ Plastic cup alternatives.

Contact Queen Pack to get consultations about shapes, sizes and receive free logo designing for your products.

If you would like to buy paper cups for your businesses, order now for more Paper cups manufacturers.

Besides, we also provide a wide variety of different products such as kraft paper bowls, food deli paper boxes, plastic food trays,.

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